Fort Cobb RV Park Policies and Regulations

Fort Cobb RV park is locally owned and family operated. As owners of the park, we must accept the responsibility of enforcing these policies to insure everyone’s enjoyment, privacy, and safety. The following policies are to be observed by all visitors, children, and guests. Because we want each and every one of our guests to have a quality, community experience and feel at home in our park, it’s important everyone adheres to the following Policies and Regulations.

RV site Rental:

Please pay promptly on RV site rent due date. 

6 people maximum per campsite. Rates include 2 adult campers. Additional adult (18+) campers may result in extra charge. No tents on campgrounds. Generators and Tarps are not permitted. Pop-up campers or any RV without standard full hookups restroom facilities may not stay for more than 7 days for sanitary reasons.

No refund on monthly rates unless arranged by RV Park owners

No vehicle or RV washing in park unless approved by RV Park owners

No mechanic work of any kind unless approved by RV Park owners

No window units

No kennels/fencing

No deep freezers/refrigerators

Personal property must be placed on rented RV pad only

No skirting of any kind, unless approved by RV Park owners

No liquid waste of any kind can be dumped on the grounds or in dumpsters.  Inquire with owners  where to dispose of grilling grease.

Sewer and water hookups must be properly fitted and supported to prevent leaks.  

Water supply to black water washout are not allowed to be connected unless in use.

Use of additional 30 or 50 amp breakers will have an additional charge.  Use of additional site breakers is prohibited.  

Use of water hose is available within reason. Please assure not leaks or water is left on.  Misuse of water and or electricity may result in an additional charge.

Speed/Safety and Respect:

Please drive slow and safely throughout the park.  

Children should be supervised by an adult at all times. 

Please drink responsibly.  Illegal drugs, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and use of profane language will not be tolerated. Violation is grounds for your immediate ejection. This is a private park and your safety is important to us. Please notify the office if others will be visiting your site, and provide their names and vehicle information.

The recreational use of firearms, BB-guns, slingshots, and fireworks are prohibited within our RV Park.

Please Respect Others:

Do not enter or walk through the sites of others unless invited. Keep your possessions and vehicles on your own site. Do not crowd or encroach on other sites (whether vacant or occupied) or on the grass.  Keep personal belongs concealed, especially when not present.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  No solicitation. 

Quiet time:

11PM - 7AM. Please be respectful to others in the park. Please allow others to get a good night's sleep.


Please DO NOT park or drive on grass. Please park in and around your RV site area. 


Wi-Fi is available throughout the park.  In the center of the park there is a pole with information how to connect and pay for available Wi-Fi.  


Pets must be leashed and/or with a human at all times outside. Aggressive and/or excessively loud dogs will be asked to leave. Always clean up after your pet.  No dog pens, or pet fencing of any type.  

Fire rings/pits:   

Do not burn trash or leave trash in the ring when you leave RV site. Please use caution when burning in fire ring/pits.  Do not leave burning fire unattended.  


Follow the golden rule of renting at a RV Park and leave your site cleaner than you found it. We do not have site trash pickup. Place your trash in the main dumpsters provided on the campground. The dumpster is for household trash only. Items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc. are NOT permitted in the dumpster.


For park maintenance emergencies please call: (580)515-2643 or (405)668-0670. For all other emergencies (fire, medical, or other rescue needs) please call 911. For weather emergencies there is a community tornado shelter available at the Fort Cobb-Broxton High School.  It is located 1/2 mile south of the RV Park entrance.  All other non-emergency matters should be addressed by calling the above numbers.

Septic System:

Use only RV toilet paper and bio-degradable septic treatment.

Do Not flush feminine products of any kind.

Do Not flush baby wipes or "flush-able" wipes - they are not bio-degradable and will clog our sewer system which will affect everyone and can cause sewer blockages throughout the entire campground.

DO NOT use garbage disposals.


Fort Cobb RV Park may use on-site candid photography for advertisements and promotions. Entrance onto this property constitutes permission to be photographed while on the premises and for any resulting photos to be used by Fort Cobb RV Park for lawful purposes without compensation or notification to the guest.

Policies, Rates and/or sites are subject to change at any time:

We reserve the right to enter any site at any time.  We are not responsible for damages, injury, or loss by accident, weather-related damage, theft, or fire to RV or property of any guest. We reserve the right to refuse service and to decline to allow a space to be occupied. The registered guest is the “responsible party” and accountable for the actions of all family members and visitors. We reserve the right to eject any guest, without refund of rent or deposit, for:  Unpaid campsite fees, Violation of any rules / policies, Repeated speeding violations, Verbal or physical threats / actions from any guest or visitor to another guest, visitor, employee, or management, Deliberate damage or destruction of property belonging to Fort Cobb RV Park, other guest or visitor.

These policies and regulations are subject to change without notice. Management/owners reserves the right to, without prior notice, evict anyone who creates a disturbance, nuisance, or deliberately breaks of any of the Park’s policies rules. Eviction will be immediate and without reimbursement of any park fees. Fort Cobb RV park is a privately-owned RV Park. We reserve the right to accept or refuse anyone. By making a reservation with our campground, you are agreeing to these Rules and Regulations.

Thank you for staying with us!

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